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000016593 245__ $$aRent Seeking, Rent Avoidance, and Informality: An Analysis of Third World Urban Housing
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000016593 520__ $$aAny number of concepts and ideas have been set forth over the past two or three decades to describe and
explain the various problems common to urban development in Third World countries. Perhaps foremost
among these has been the notion of the urban informal economy, a topic that has generated an enormous
literature and that has, despite (or even because of) considerable debate and argument, provided considerable
analytic leverage when brought to bear on the topic of Third World urban development and
underdevelopment. Yet while this concept has been indeed useful, it may become even more so if linked
with two notions from applied economics, namely, the ideas of rent seeking (hereinafter sometimes referred
to simply as R-S) and rent avoidance (R-A).
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