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000016576 245__ $$aAprendiendo de Puebla: conservación del Patrimonio urbano para una ciudad habitable
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000016576 520__ $$aThe historical centre of Puebla was included in the UNESCO list as World Heritage Site
in 1987. Founded for poor Spanish people (1531), the “Puebla de los Ángeles” became
very soon an important urban centre, with its splendour in the Virreinal middle period.
This paper presents the idea that for the real preservation of the historical city it is
necessary to recover the ‘residential value’ of this historical urban space. For it we have
a great opportunity in the Puebla’s urban block (83,5m. x 167 m.), an incredible
‘microcosm’ dominated by the structure of ‘patios’. Here there is a lot of abandoned or
semi-abandoned buildings and tourism, with the administrative and commercial
functions, are not sufficient for recreate the urban space in its true potential. It is
possible to think in the historical city as a liveable place, in a more sustainable way.
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